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Poltio’s Content Creation Platform creates value for brands seeking to build a deeper relationship with their customers.

Key features include:

Embeddable Widgets

With our responsive, modular widgets you can embed the content created with our platform into your website or mobile application. Learn more about our iFrames.

Learn more about Poltio Embed Widgets

Track votes with User IDs

All votes acquired through our platform will have a Poltio User ID assigned to them. You can also track and match it with your own User IDs

Learn more about vote tracking

Vote Geo-Split

Our platform uses IP addresses to automatically classify votes geographically, per country and city. View and analyze the results of your polls on a map and export reports per vote for further analysis.

See an example live poll

Customizable UI

The structure and layout in our user interface have been designed and tested to provide the best user experience and performance. While keeping our best practices in place, you can customize all visual components on our content cards including logo, custom colors and fonts.

See a customized content card

Pixel Code Support

Integrate pixel codes to be fired real time after a user votes on a defined answer option or build a universal pixel code using our built in custom parameters. This feature can also be used to make integrations with DMPs and/or social media accounts.

Web Hooks Support

With our web hook support you can set goals for your users that trigger events. (for example: get 3 questions or more correct and receive 200 loyalty points). Web hooks can be integrated into any piece of content and can be triggered by an individual vote or a result (test result, quiz score ...).

Live Dashboards

Use our live dashboard to track real-time results on your content in terms of performance, user behaviour and preferences.

Exportable Reports

Export various reports based on User ID, specific content or specific questions to easily analyze.

Looking for more?

Our team of experts can modify our platform according to your custom needs.